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Limited editions

Marchak is an atypical jewelry brand that does not have a catalog of its collections. Its pieces draw their inspiration from fauna and flora, from legends and may aslo be directly designed around an exceptional stone.

We also create custom pieces. Engagement rings as well as birthday gifts or jewelry for a special occasion, each project is unique. You may present us with your stones or let us find the gem that will make your eyes twinkle. We will arrange a meeting to discuss your wishes and then send you several sketches from which to choose from or which will inspire you to go further.

We may also repair your jewelry, restring your pearl or bead necklaces, but also resize your rings or bracelets.

If it is delicate to talk about an average manufacturing time, bear in mind that at least one to three months may be necessary for an engagement ring, depending on its complexity.

You wish to entrust us with a project or

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