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Our Creativity


Founded in Kiev in 1878 under the Russian Empire, Marchak became a signature brand of the Paris' Place Vendome in the 1920s. Although several creative figures have marked its history, Marchak always remained true to its atypical spirit, its Slavic origins and its creative credo.

Fluidity of shapes,
contrast of colours

Precious and unique inventions, fluidity of forms, colorful fantasies, elegance and joy; the key words of the brand are derived from the wonderfully successful marriage of its two cultures: Russian and French.


As early as 1905, Joseph Marchak published extensive catalogs for his customers. Later, Alexander created custom pieces and Jacques Verger diversified his approach. Today, we create unique pieces with varied inspirations and models declined in five variants but also offer four daywear lines called the 'Petites Collections'.

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