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The memory of Marchak is based on its archives and on the expertise of specialists. If we may proceed to authenticate signed jewelry, we must be very vigilant because part of the archives having disappeared, we cannot authenticate a piece without its matching gouache design. You may also entrust us your pieces for appraisal.


After physically examinating a jewel, a first complimentary verbal authentication is given to you .

Certificate of authenticity

We also issue certificates of authenticity. We estimate the weights of gemstones and metals, authenticate the hallmarks and engraving numbers, and date the piece. You may first send us pictures of your piece and a quote will be sent to you upon request.

The historical research of a brand like ours is a never ending quest. If you have estate Marchak pieces and would like to share them with us, please feel free to contact us. If we sometimes buy them, acklowedging their existence also allows us to enrich the memory of our brand.

the book

In collaboration with the Editions du Regard and Marguerite de Cerval, we published a book in order to present the history of the brand. It is available for sale, contact us.


Ancre Livre
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