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The "Petites Collections" are four daywear lines that step aside the general boldness of the high jewelry, yet they all are inspired from the brand's history. These playful lines are composed of rings, bands, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. They may sometimes be  the starting point of custom pieces too: an iris once adorned a silver napkin roll, another iris became a tie pick and a Palekh ring was entirely paved with diamonds! Discover the collections below...

Petites Collections


It all started with a ring. A gold carved bead attached to a band adorned with slavic motifs. Mobile and amusing, the ring was given a very popular name in Christian orthodox countries like Greece, Serbia and of course Russia. Etymologically it means “rebirth” and it recalls the most famous woman to have ever bore this name: the fourth daughter of Tsar Nicolas II, Anastasia Nikolaïevna of Russia.

Although she was a grand duchess, Anastasia was a mischievous, teasing, very joyful child and her behaviour contrarily to her other sisters was not very fit for a princess. To celebrate her gleeful nature, we decided to give her name to a line known for its playfulness and slavic design.

Anastasia-rings YG-WG


It recalls a charming story that links Marchak to the fashion world. Guetty was first model at Balenciaga’s in the 1950s; her real name was Huguette Chassin. She was married to Jacques Verger, who back then was director of Marchak and she was also his main source of inspiration. During a fashion show in which Guetty presented a particular dress with a double bow, the bow inspired him a design for a dashing ring whose ruby-flared body was tied with a delicate line of white diamonds. The design of this jewel fascinated us by its freshness and modernity and we decided to use the simple and elegant bow to create a diamond-only line. This timeless bow now garlands an assorted line of graceful daywear jewels that you may choose to wear as a set or not.

Guetty-wedding band


In the Greek mythology, Iris is a goddess, messenger of the Gods and associated to the rainbow. Our Iris pendants, true to Slavic tradition of floral motifs, are shown in the whole rainbow’s colours using hues as vivid as a Van Gogh painting and as moving as a Monet work of art. The story of the Iris line started with a new-born girl named after the goddess and for whom we carved a tiny iris in yellow gold in order to ornate her baby’s napkin ring. Iris was a name the Marchak family always liked and it gave birth to a line of jewellery.


All our irises are adorned with three diamonds on the pistil and their petals are lacquered or brushed. They come in yellow, rose, or white gold.

Ring Iris
Iris pendant earrings
Earrings (pierced)

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