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Ethics & Sustainability

Since its revival in 2005, Marchak committed to responsible purchasing practices for its raw materials, i.e. metals and gems. It also ensured the good governance of its human resources. We are committed to the appreciation of rarity, the notions of time spent in the manufacturing process and the respect for the brand's heritage, as well as the service we provide to our customers.


Ensuring responsible procurement

We buy our diamonds from suppliers in Antwerp, New York, Geneva or Tel Aviv. They are exclusively sourced from the Kimberley Process, an international cooperative system designed to eliminate the flow of conflict diamonds. For coloured gems, we prefer suppliers with the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) label, or the International Colour Gemstone Association (ICA) label.

For some years now, the jewellery industry has been asking itself the question of ethical sourcing of precious metals. After undertaking its own research into this thorny issue, Marchak has decided to use Fairmined gold from 2022.

Promoting ethical conduct

Our manufacturing facilities are either Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) certified or in the process of being certified. The RJC brings together global companies led by leading names in the jewellery, gold and diamond industries, from the mine to the retail shop.

RJC members are committed to promoting responsible practices within their industry through a transparent process, reporting to civil society through regular audits.

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1% for the Planet: in project

However, it is important to be realistic and to consider that if the dream part of a piece of jewellery is immense, the raw materials that must be extracted or reused to make it require corrosive products that can be harmful to the environment (borax, crucial and unavoidable in the manufacturing process, is nevertheless an example).


This is why we have decided to donate 1% of our turnover to 1% for the Planet from 2023. Only 7% of our philanthropy goes to environmental causes and it is important for us to contribute to this as the effects of mining threaten the countries where the precious stones and metals are sourced first.

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